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House plan for 3 bedroom bungalow

House plan for 3 bedroom bungalow A plot of land at the end of a quiet lane in Beaconsfield, England, northwest of London, supplied property builders Amber Valentine and partner Howard Reay with the chance to flex their design muscle tissue. "We purchased the plot in 2012 with permission to build a just one-bedroom bungalow, however we always intended to increase this," Valentine says. Strict planning regulations meant they were not able to widen the footprint on the floor flooring, so that they extended down into a basement & up right into a loft. The cleverly designed basement is flooded with gentle from the massive lawn.

The open-plan house has a modern really feel but with traditional main points. "It's an odd mixture of contemporary & conventional, nevertheless it all comes in combination very harmoniously," Valentine says. .

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