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How to make a recycled glass countertop

How to make a recycled glass countertop If you like getting your palms grimy, demolition can be just one of probably the most a laugh & pleasant portions of a kitchen remodel. But whether or not you're going the DIY path or hiring a professional, you might be likely to end up with no less than one Dumpster full of trash. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that approximately a hundred and seventy million heaps of construction and demolition waste were generated in 2003 (the final yr for which figures are to be had), with such a lot of it finishing up in landfills. The unhappy phase is that a lot of what ends up as waste can have been reused or recycled.

While recycling building materials can take longer than just whacking them with a sledgehammer, building corporate SOD Builders says some things reminiscent of massive home equipment and granite counter tops can be simply recycled with the suitable charity or facility. Here you can learn more about what you'll recycle and who may need it. .

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